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Texas Showdown TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III Qualifier Results

Congratulations to Silentscope for winning Texas Showdown and qualifying for ToL III! The grand finals featured an intense battle between Silentscope and Pup(Cvital) that went down to the final round!

Entrants: 43
Video: TwitchTV

1. Silentscope (Cammy / T-Hawk)
2. Pup(CVital) (Dhalsim / Chun-Li)
3. Justin Wong (O. Sagat / Chun-Li)
4. Jumpsuit Jesse (Fei Long / Ryu)
5. Enforcer04 (Ryu)
5. Noun(Fudd) (Dee Jay / Dhalsim)
7. RangingStormX (Chun-Li)
7. Atari (Guile)

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated! The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1300!


Texas Showdown ST Solo Results

Est1991 completes the sweep by winning the Texas Showdown 2017 Solo tournament. He also won the Ratio tournament held on Friday.

Texas Showdown 2017 Solo
May 6, 2017
Houston, TX
Players: 35

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Texas Showdown 2017 Ratio Tournament Results

Est1991 wins the Texas Showdown 2017 Ratio tournament. The standard double-elim tournament is taking place today at 2PM PST / 4PM CST / 5PM EST.

Texas Showdown 2017 Ratio
May 5, 2017
Houston, TX
Players: 19

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2 Super Turbo Tournaments at Texas Showdown 2017!

Texas Showdown 2017 will be featuring two Super Turbo tournaments this year, a double elimination tournament and a ratio tournament!

Link to the Texas Showdown Registration Page to register and for more information.

Texas Showdown ST Ratio Results

Here are your Texas Showdown ST Ratio Results: Eltrouble defeats EST1991 in the grand finals!

Texas Showdown 2016 ST Solo
April 23, 2016
Houston, TX
Players: 10

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Texas Showdown ST Solo Results

Here are your Texas Showdown ST Solo Results: Eltrouble defeats EST1991 in the grand finals of the Texas Showdown Solo ST tournament. The ratio tournament is tomorrow!

Texas Showdown 2016 ST Solo
April 22, 2016
Houston, TX
Players: 26

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Two ST Tournaments at Texas Showdown 2016!

Jumpsuit Jesse will is running TWO ST tournaments at Texas Showdown 2016 this year. Friday (April 22nd) is a standard singles tournament. Saturday’s (April 23rd) main tournament will be ratio style! Both tournaments are being run on UDCPS2 hardware using 27inch CRT TV’s via S-Video. The stream will be announced when the details become available.


Friday April, 22nd 7PM CST – Standard Singles Tournament
Best 2 out of 3 for standard matches.
Grand final is 3 out of 5
Double Elimination
Akuma is banned
$10 Entry

Saturday April 23rd 7PM CST – Ratio Style Tournament
1 match only
Double Elimination
Maximum of 4 Characters
Akuma is banned
$10 Entry

  • Every player has 7 points to use. Each character is worth a certain amount of points based on their overall character ranking.
  • Maximum of 4 characters can be chosen(surplus points are forfeit once you reach the max).
  • Tournament is CHARACTER LOCKED, meaning you cannot change characters at all during the tournament. You can switch the order in which you play them in each match.
  • Character choices will be recorded before the start of the tournament for each participant.
  • Character Values:

    Ratio 4:
    O. Sagat

    Ratio 3
    Chun Li
    Dee Jay
    O. Claw
    O. Boxer
    O. Ryu
    O. Ken

    Ratio 2:
    Fei Long
    O. Chun Li
    O. Dhalsim
    O. Guile
    O. Hawk
    O. Dee Jay

    Ratio 1:
    O. Fei Long
    O. Honda
    O. Zangief
    O. Blanka
    O. Cammy
    O. Dictator

    Texas Showdown ST Tournament Tomorrow

    Beastchan23 will be streaming the Texas Showdown Super Turbo tournament tomorrow (May 9th) starting at 4PM PST, 6PM CST, 7PM EST. The stream link is

    ST Casuals are streaming now prior to the 3rd Strike tournament which will start at 4PM PST, 6PM CST, 7PM EST tonight.

    Big ST Weekend – Texas Showdown / Gamecenter ST GAMES and EB Stream GGPO Tournaments + Arkadeum

    A big weekend of Super Turbo kicked off last night with Arkadeum hosting the first Friday night Super Arcade tournament stream, won by Mike Watson!

    Today, Texas Showdown will be holding an ST GAMES tournament at 1PM CST (11AM PST/2PM EST).  It looks like ST will not be able to be streamed but keep checking back @ Texas Showdown to see if any of the matches are streamed.

    At 12PM PST (3PM EST), The E.B. will be streaming the third of four qualifiers for their Super Turbo Global Domination Series.  For complete information on the tournament and to still sign up before it starts, click here.  The stream will be at the E.B Stream @
    Following the E.B. Super Turbo Global Domination Tournament, Arkadeum will go live with Sergjiev and eltrouble presenting the next installment of the Super Turbo Tutorial series.  The stream will be taking place on Arkadeum’s Twitch TV channel @
    And finally, the Gamecenter Nor Cal ST GAMES tournament will be taking place this afternoon.  They’re expecting to start between 3-4PM PST (6-7PM EST) and will be streamed by Mizuki @